What is the best brand for kitchen faucets?

What is the best brand for kitchen faucets?

What is the best brand for kitchen faucets?

A kitchen faucet is undeniably an essential part of an ideal kitchen. Since a kitchen faucet is replaced once in a while, choosing What is the best brand for kitchen faucets? can be a tricky task. Here are some crucial factors which should be considered before purchasing a kitchen faucet.

Types of kitchen faucets:

Various types of kitchen faucets are available based on particular purposes. For example, a pull-down faucet is the most common type of faucet seen in almost every household. It consists of a long-bend neck with an adaptable handle and a simple sprayer. There are also faucets like –

pull out faucet (convenient for adjusting the flow of water),

 single-handle faucet (comes with a singular lever )

and adjustable temperature), dual-handle faucet (has a separate lever for warm and cold water),

 pot fillerscommercial style faucets, and so on.

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Special features :

A lot of kitchen faucets include hot and cold water dispensers. Again, many kitchen faucets nowadays come with motion-sensing technology and a water filtration facility. You can also get your desired kitchen faucet with a compatible soap dispenser.

The material of kitchen faucets :

Kitchen faucets are manufactured in different materials like bronze, stainless steel, zinc alloy, copper, plastic, etc. Faucets made of stainless steel give your kitchen a premium appearance. These are also very easy to clean. Faucets made of copper and zinc need regular polishing to maintain the lustrous look. On the other hand, plastic faucets are comparatively cheaper.

Nature of the kitchen:

The size of your kitchen and the placement of the sink area plays a crucial role in determining exactly what kind of faucet you want. In the case of a smaller sink area, the measurements should be taken precisely. The reach of the sprayer should be minimal. However, in the case of a spacious and high-end kitchen setup, you may install a multipurpose kitchen faucet.

Budget and warranty :

The price of a kitchen faucet with average features shouldn’t exceed 100 USD to 300 USD. Many brands offer servicing and installation facilities. Servicing and installation would cost not more than 200 USD. Most kitchen faucets have five years to lifetime warranty.

What is the best brand for kitchen faucets?

Verdict :

While buying a kitchen faucet, we often overlook the grip and tightness of the handle and other small parts. As a result, constant dripping from a loosely fitted faucet makes the sink area damp. However, a good amount of water is wasted as well. For a clean and wastage-free kitchen environment, one should ensure a proper installation of a first-rate faucet. The faucet should tick all the boxes so that your kitchen experience becomes way smoother.

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