What Color Light Is Best For Kitchen and Why?

We mostly use bulbs in our kitchen is Light Emitting Diode, known as LED. The strong point of using this bulb is energy efficient and supports standard light sockets. Today we learn What Color Light Is Best For Kitchen and Why.

 Besides, It allows the bulbs to supply the same amount of light, consuming less electricity, a common feature of LED lights.

What types of bulbs you should use in your kitchen depend on the room, kitchen position, and your choice. But, here is a considerable issue you have to keep in mind that different types of rooms have different demands.

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Kelvin that is used for measuring brightness and temperature should be the first consideration when it comes to using light in a kitchen.

The lower the kelvin provides a yellowish color, whither higher kelvin is brighter and whiter in color.

Yellowish or soft color light is best for places where you relaxed, such as a bedroom, but it is not good for the kitchen.

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Best Shoes For Working In a Kitchen

What Color Light Is Best For Kitchen and why?

The kitchen needs a pretty warm-colored bulb for bright daylight color, although some kitchen room is situated in such a way it is already daylighted.

So, how do you know what color light is required for your kitchen?

This in-depth article helps you understand the bulb’s lighting process and measure the best light color for your kitchen that you can cook being more productive.

Let’s start with some basics,

Types of kitchen light and their function

Task lighting:

Task lighting is a common light for the kitchen that is mostly placed over the workplace where foods are prepared. If you cannot set in the correct place, it will make a shadow onto your workplace, which might be an obstacle you to cut properly, prepare something, place anything, or read recipes.

So, before finalizing your task lighting or placing it permanently, make sure you have a test about its placement.

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Under-cabinet lighting:

The under-cabinet light can be a form of a tubular fluorescent lamp or bar light that can illuminate the cabinet’s underneath or as puck light. It can serve light as decorative as ambient lighting and offer a warm glow on the kitchen’s countertop.

Ambient lighting:

Ambient light can brighten the overall space where you cook and make the place usable for work under it. A light that is attached to the ceiling is the most common source of ambient light in the kitchen. It creates a mood or tone that adds ambiance to the desired room and produce warms inviting space.

Accent lighting:

If you feel that you need to highlight a specific space, you can consider using accent lighting. Accent light adds emotion to the places with visual interests and mostly attached above artwork and plants.

You can also use it over a glass cabinet door to light up the glassware or ornamental serving trays. Although the light is not perfect for lighting the complete area, it increases and displays the kitchen’s decoration.

Decorative lighting:

As the name, the decorative light is used to increasing the decoration of the kitchen. It is settled over a kitchen island and peninsula and comes in the form of overhanging pendants or chandeliers. The light produces dramatic illumination and can attract more attention.

Toe-Kick Lighting:

The Toe-Kick light is normally used at night to create a safe path for walking. However, this light can’t provide as much illumination as required, but it can definitely offer a stylish space.

If you have a shiny floor and are willing to place it on this, I recommend you choose a more spreading style or attach additional LED strips to prevent reflections. In spite of being the light is soft, it is not able to illuminate your complete kitchen.

Room lighting:

This light is a recessed or large ceiling fixture that can illuminate the whole area of your kitchen. It would be the best light for entertaining your guests but is not as good as task lighting. Also, you may find this light is too rough or bright for regular work.

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What color light is best for a kitchen?

There are three main color lights available to use in a kitchen. The colors soft white is 2700k to 3000k, bright white is 3500k to 4100k, and daylight is 5000k to 6500k (K for Kelvin).

The more kelvin means, the light provides more whiteness; similarly, the less kelvin is less whiteness even if it has the same amount of lumens.

Over the years, the soft white lights are commonly used in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean that it also the best choice for your kitchen. Instead of using soft lights, some people feel warm and bright effects are the best for them because they find the works easy under the bright color light.

A 4000k range of LED color temperature produces soft white or yellowish color light that is most suitable for where you relax, like a bedroom or living area. This range of color temperature provides comfortable and slee[y feelings.

On the other hand, a 5000k color temperature bulb releases a kind of bright warm color that is most effective in bathrooms, basements, or the room you study. Even it has the same effect on the kitchen.

What Color Light Is Best For Kitchen
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Here keep in mind a kitchen is an important part of any house where you cook food and prepare somethings for guests. In the kitchen, every people are works carefully, and it is the place that is responsible for feeding us.

In the same way, it describes a lot about your personality. As you need to be careful so much in this place, keeping it bright based on your mood would be the best choice for you

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