Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Turner reviews

Today we will discuss Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Turner reviews. The Sabatier Wide Turner is the perfect kitchen tool for guys who love to cook.

Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Turner reviews

Special features of Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Turner:

  • The Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Wide Turner provides you with everything that you need for turning any type of food.
  • The wide head (9.65 inches) is perfect for catching and flipping both small and large foods, including burgers!
  • The soft handle will never let your hand feel fatigued, no matter how difficult to flipping gets.
  • The head is also POM with stainless steel rivets that are dishwasher-safe.
  • The handle, also of durable stainless steel, has thrives riveted to it for extra strength. It includes an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip and the make will never get hot when cooking on any type of stove surface.
  • This turner also comes with Limited-Lifetime Warranty – but you didn’t need to read it because we know you’re going to fall in love with these

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downsides of Sabatier Triple Rivet Turner:

  • The handle of the turner is not so durable as it should be. its seems plastic sometimes .
  • Sometimes rust comes on the both side of the turner if its not properly manintained.
  • The metal end of the spatula wasn’t filed smooth and has rough metal just hanging off the edge.
  • This product is a little bit shorter than It should be.
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