9 unique olive oil benefits and side effects

At first, we need to have some idea about olive oil. Because there are different types of olive oil, every kind of olive oil benefits and side effects are also different. Let’s find out what kind of olive oil is, and what kind of olive oil is suitable for cooking.

olive oil benefits and side effects:

Apart from cooking, this oil has been used in various home remedies. Olive oil is also very useful in beauty treatment! Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic properties of olive oil.

types of olive oil:

Extra virgin olive oil:

There are usually three types of olive oil available in the market. They are- Extra virgin, virgin, and refined olive oil. In addition to food, extra virgin olive oil uses for various beauty treatments. This olive oil is fruit-flavored. Its color is yellowish-green. If the color is darker, it will be better. It has 0.8% acidity, which is very low.

classic olive oil:

On the other hand, the acidity of classic olive oil is 1.5%. It’s a little bit cheap, but it’s just like extra virgin olive oil. Less used in cooking.

virgin olive oil:

Then comes the turn of virgin olive oil. It has an acidity of 2%, but can be used in cooking. However, it can use on the skin. Virgin olive oil is combined with another type of oil called pomace oil. this is only available in the market for commercial purposes in the form of olive oil.

types of olive oil for cooking:

The highest quality olive oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can use this olive oil as a salad dressing. You can also use this oil for cooking vegetables. That can also use as a healthy alternative to butter. If you like to cook Mediterranean or Continental dishes, You could choose classic olive oil. this also brings another flavor to light Indian cuisine.

You can use classic olive oil to make pasta, stir-fried vegetables, or rice. This olive oil works well as a moisturizer. Besides this, this olive oil is good for hair and skin. This oil is also useful for massaging children.

Classic olive oil is ideal for Bengali cuisine for its neutral smell and color. This oil is perfect for deep frying due to its high boiling point. Polao, Parata, and even Pakora can be made with this oil.

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Some other uses for olive oil:

benefits of olive oil for skin whitening:

Black olives are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. It contains Vitamin E. It protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. After rinsing your face with lukewarm water, apply a few drops of olive oil on your face. Using olive oil on the body even before bathing keeps the skin well from many kinds of problems.

is olive oil good for sunburn:

Olive oil is beneficial to reduce sunburn. Mix a little more than half a cup of olive oil with a cup of lavender essential oil. Apply to sunburned areas three to four times a day; you will get relief quickly.

how to use olive oil for face at night:

Olive oil is also beneficial as a make-up remover. Remove eye and face makeup with a few drops of olive oil in cotton. There will be no discomfort on the skin. The skin will become soft, and radiant.

olive oil face scrub benefits:

You can make your homemade lip and face scrub with olive oil and brown sugar. This scrub is excellent for exfoliating your look as well as your lips. All you need is a tablespoon of sugar, a tablespoon of olive oil, and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix well and rub on the lips, all the dead cells will rise and will leave you with soft, radiant, and glowing skin.

olive oil for hands and feet:

You can make a scrub by mixing the same amount of sugar with olive oil or lemon juice—Scrub your hands and feet for 2-3 consecutive days.

Apply moisturizer on your hands and feet before going to bed at night. If you want, you can do an oil massage. Anybody oil can be chosen as a moisturizer. You can also choose coconut oil for extra moisture. Wash your hands and feet in the morning.

To prevent ankle sprains, wash your feet before going to bed and apply a mixture of Vaseline and lemon juice on the ankles. Then sleep after socks. In the morning, wash your feet and wipe gently.

olive oil on skin:

You can use olive oil as a cream before shaving or waxing. Apply olive oil on the skin before using the razor on the surface. That will prevent irritation or discomfort after shaving or waxing.

olive oil for face wrinkles:

To cleanse the skin, first, massage the face well with olive oil or baby oil. Then soak the cloth in lukewarm water and wipe the face. Then wash your face with a good face wash. Make sure the skin is moisturized after washing the face.

extra virgin olive oil uses for hair:

Chemical-filled conditioners soften hair quickly but also cause hair loss. Instead, they rely on natural conditioners. Heat half a cup of olive oil lightly and massage it well on the hair and scalp. Put on a shower cap and shampoo for 20 minutes. No need to apply conditioner separately! As a rule, if you can use olive oil, the shine of your hair will increase every day.

what happens to olive oil at high heat:

Olive oil should not be overheated while cooking. At high heat, some carcinogenic elements are grown in olive oil. it can cause cancer. So don’t heat over olive oil.


Do you know, besides the olive oil, olive fruit, and olive wood are very precious and remarkable? The olive tree’s lifespan is very large. It could last more than 1000 years .even olive leaves and olive brunches are sacred in many civilizations .its a tree from heaven. Its mature wood is used to make kitchen spoon and utensils.so if you can use everything named olive as the blessing of God.

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