How to Make More Counter Space In a Small Kitchen?

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Nowadays, Our apartments are made so small and congested due to many causes. There is not enough space for a kitchen in such types of apartments. Now people prefer to have a single-family on their own. So most of the apartments have small kitchens. But whether the kitchen is small, the job of the kitchen is not less. If you may follow some tips, you can utilize your kitchen space better and More Counter Space In a Small Kitchen. Today we will tell you some of the ways.

1.Dispose of unnecessary items:

This point is the most neglected but necessary. Maybe you didn’t notice, but most of the time, the kitchen is filled with useless tools, which you use a rare. The tools you used a long time before, occupying your cabinet, throw away everything unnecessary or put that in the basement for future uses. You will see that you have got a lot of space yourself. Then your kitchen will feel much spacious for you.

2.Let’s make shelves on walls:

When the kitchen space is short, you have to think about setting all the kitchen tools properly in these spaces for More Counter Space In a Small Kitchen. Use the area at the top of the wall as much as possible. Make a shelf there, or put some fixed hooks on the wall. So that you can hang the cooking frying pan, spoon, and other utensils. It also makes proper use of kitchen space. Besides, you can see your necessary tools in front of you, .these will speed up your job while you are in a hurry.

3.Use cabinets:

If there is less kitchen space, it is essential to choose the furniture that will fit your kitchen nicely. In that case, the cabinet is as useful as it looks beautiful. The cabinet will save a lot of space. Make a few drawers inside the cabinet, which you can keep different things separately. There are thousands of cabinets in the market for cabinet design, but cabinets made of wood or iron are more durable since this is for the kitchen, so it is better to pick something that will last long.

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4.Use a single sink or under-mount sink:

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Most of us make a common mistake. The task of washing is indeed essential in the kitchen and a time-consuming job—That’s why many people use double sinks to speed up the kitchen work. But, No dought that this wastes a lot of kitchen space. If the number of family members is little, a double sink is unnecessary.single sink is enough for a bit of family. You can use an under-mount sink if you want. These will also save a lot of kitchen space; besides this, it’s very modern and beautiful.

5.Use multi-purpose utensils:

There are many multi-purpose kitchen utensils available in the market now. Ensure the brand and quality before you buy; otherwise, it will be a burden on time. The advantage of all these utensils is that many things can be done at once. And you don’t need much space to keep them. Since you can do many things at a time, you can leave other unnecessary stuff in the kitchen.

6.Put things in order:

Ok. You have thrown all the unnecessary things, now what? Even after applying all the above, you may see that there is not much space coming out. What should you do then? It may happen because your kitchen is not properly arranged. So arrange everything else as needed. A properly placed kitchen looks as big as it seems. Always try to keep it tidy. The kitchen is a room for your daily use. So be sure to clean up after the day. After cooking, you should clean and wipe the used items and put them in the right place.

Faq’s for More Counter Space In a Small Kitchen:


If you keep your kitchen clean and organized following the above rule, cooking will be enjoyable. And if you think the kitchen is not big enough, then you can use these tips. Let us know in the comments how you like these few tips for using kitchen space!

Melissa B. OneilUX/UI Designer at - Adobe

Melissa is a mom and cooking fanatic. She enjoys trying various recipes and always searches for the latest appliances to make her kitchen modern. She is sharing innovative ideas to help you decorate your kitchen and feel great when you're cooking.

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