How To Keep a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Clean

Today we discuss How To Keep a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Clean. A kitchen is a lifeblood of a home. Wheresa kitchen sink is an essential part of the kitchen. It is used all the time while working in the kitchen. But this kitchen gets dirty at first because we use this to make clean or wash every dirty thing. With time, it remains a birthplace to various bacteria that can easily infect your family members.

Especially bacteria overgrowing in the sink, stains, rust, and ruining the kitchen sink. Can be. Also, sterile kitchens and kitchen sinks need to be kept clean. Keeping the kitchen sink odorless and germ-free will ensure the health and well-being of your family. So here are some tips on  how to keep a stainless steel kitchen sink clean:

Lemon juice with baking soda:

Keeping the sink or basin clean is an essential task. The pan should be cleaned every week. Otherwise, many stains will accumulate. Mix baking soda with lemon juice and rub well to remove sink stains. Now sprinkle vinegar and wait for a while. You see, the sink is spotless.

Drain Regularly clean the drainpipe:

Keep the sink drain clean regularly. You can put naphthalene in the strain of the sink to protect it from insects. It will smell sweet and spread.

Do not throw dirt or sticks:

Do not throw any dirt or sticks in the sink under any circumstances. Almost everyone makes this mistake. As a result, all of the fiber of the meal, garbage, and food remains in the sink pipe. And they rot and spread putrid stench or cockroach’s abode. Before washing plates or dishes, remove the remaining sticks or food ingredients well, then clean the dishes. Dispose of food leftovers in trash cans with plastic bags in the mouth, not in the sink.

Put some naphthalene:

Place a few naphthalenes in the mouth of the sink. That will prevent cockroaches or other insects from nesting in the sink. Occasionally spray cockroach repellent on the sink line.

best drain cleaner for kitchen sink
best drain cleaner for kitchen sink

Baking soda / white vinegar / hot water:

Put baking soda in the sink and pipe once a week. Then pour a cup of white vinegar for the whole night. In the morning, pour moderately warm water. The sinking line will never get stuck or jammed. If oil fat accumulates, it will become clear. Do this even if the line is already jammed. Two days a week or daily, based on the problem. You will see the line will be clear.

Hot water:

A lot of the time, the water gets stuck when you go to work in the sink. Can’t remove the water even after trying a lot? There are easy ways. Use the net at the mouth of the drain in the tub and quickly clean the dirt. Mix ice with vinegar or lemon juice to make ice put the ice cubes in the mouth of the pipe in the sink, and the drain will be clean Wet the cloth with vinegar to remove stains and remove the sink again, the sink will be spotless.

A slice of lemon:

A slice of lemon
A slice of lemon         (image:

 To make the sink shiny, cut a lemon and put the lemon juice in a container and use the lemon peel like major, sprinkle salt on the sink and rub it with lemon peel, you can use soda powder to clean the sink, sprinkle soda on the pan for 5-7 minutes Then wash with water and wipe with a clean cloth. Doing this every day will never rust or dirt on the sink.

Some maintenance tips:

Do not throw tea leaves, hair, powdered spices, flour, onion peel, etc. in the sink.
Do not pour anything hot or boiling water into the sink, and it will burst the pipe.
Keep the kitchen sink clean after regular work with a lemon-flavored liquid. Set aside half an hour every day to wash the sink, it will not put too much pressure on you.
Always place a clean, dry cloth or towel next to the kitchen sink to keep it dry.
Keep the kitchen sponge clean properly.

Keep a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Clean
Keep a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Clean


A big part of keeping the kitchen clean is keeping the sink clean. The health of the whole family is involved in cleaning this sink, never forget it. The kitchen and sink are the dirtiest because of the sticky dishes. Wash dishes regularly. Do not store them unnecessarily. That can cause bad breath, so wash immediately after eating. Wash the sink at the same time.

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