How to Use a Kitchen Knife Sharpener

how to use a kitchen knife sharpener
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Nothing is more frustrating than using a dull knife while chopping any vegetables or fruits. You can’t always buy another knife if your previous one is dull because no knife can provide you with a guarantee that it would not become dull over time. To the rescue, we have kitchen knife sharpeners to sharpen an essential tool of our kitchen.

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How to use a kitchen knife sharpener:

How to tell if your knife is dull:

A common question comes to your mind: when is the right time to use a kitchen knife sharpener? There is a prevalent technique to find that out only using a paper. Hold a plain and folded sheet of newspaper from one end. You can also use regular paper used for printers. Keep the blade against the upper edge of the document and try to slice it outwards. If the knife fails to get a smooth slice, then it is the right time to sharpen it.

Types of kitchen knife sharpener:

There are two kinds of kitchen knife sharpeners. One is manual, and another one is electric. A manual knife sharpener usually costs less than an electric knife sharpener. However, there are many differences in design and handling between these two. Manual comes with a few identical sharpening slots and a handle. It is light and easy to handle. An electric sharpener has grinding wheels. It also has different slots for fixed purposes.

How to use a manual knife sharpener:

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  • The knife sharpener should be kept at a flat surface.
  • Hold the sharpener firmly and put the base of the blade of your knife into the middle of a slot.
  • While moving the handle upward, pull the knife back slowly. The module should slide back through the sharpening blocks.
  • Repeat the process several times on either side.
  • If grinding slots are available, hone and polish the blade accordingly.

How to use an electric knife sharpener:

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  • Read the user manual carefully and identify the parts.
  • Make sure you can have a pleasant sight of the on/off button. Switch the sharpener on.
  • On the left side of the wheel, there is a coarse section. Place the knife at the center where the grind slot is situated.
  • Lower your knife so that the tip sticks out on the other side. You will hear a grinding noise.
  • Pull the knife back slowly.
  • Repeat the whole process two to three times on either side.
  • There is two more sections, “fine” and “polish.” Repeat the same techniques used for the first step in the case of the last two as well.
  • All three sections should be done at least two to three times each.

how to use knife sharpener with wheels:

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Knife sharpeners with rotating wheels are very simple. It will take very little time- not even a minute. It would help if you had a damp washcloth to place the sharpener on a counter for safety. take the knife and pull the blade between the sharpener wheels 6 to 7 times. you will discover your knife with a nice sharp edge again. finally wipe off the blade for removing metal dust. Your job is done.

how to use a knife sharpener rod:

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you can sharp your kitchen knife with a rod also .its called a honing rod. the process is as follows-

  • Hold the rod vertically with the tip on the counter. Place the blade heel on the opposite of the steel and point the knife should maintain 15 degrees away from the iron.
  • Slide the blade with light pressure to down the length of the steel. Then pull the knife toward your body to contact the middle of the steel.
  • Repeat this motion 4 or 5 times.

how to sharpen a knife with a whetstone:

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Sharpen your knife with Whetstone is one of the best ways. the steps are as follows-

  • Put the stone on a cutting board or a damp washcloth under the board to avoid sliding.
  • Grasp the knife with one hand and hold the edge of the knife against the whetstone. First, set the point, with the cutting edge meeting the stone.
  • Slide the blade forward with moderate pressure and across the whetstone.
  • Do this 9 to 10 times, then flip the knife over and give the other side of the blade 10 strokes on the whetstone.


After sharpening your knife, wash it with soap water. Now it is ready to be used. Be careful while handling the razor right after grinding since it can be too risky. A kitchen knife sharpener can save your money by making your dull knife sharp as a new one.


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