How to slice meat thin without a slicer?[The Easiest way]

Slicing meat thinly without a slicer:

If you love to prepare your meal in your kitchen and are a meat lover, then you know how tasty and delicious it is thin and sliced meat. Sliced and light beef is necessary for many meal preparations. Sometimes, we don’t have meat slicers in our kitchen. then How to slice meat thin without a slicer? today we discuss this.

Slicing meat is a tricky job. Sometimes it may be risky. most of the time you may slice meat when it’s frozen. it’s also a risky job. moreover, if you have no slicer besides you then you have to know and follow the rule to slice the meat without a slicer .here we discuss How to slice the meat thin without a slicer.

Sometimes on an outdoor party or outside of your home, you need to cut and slice your meat manually where you have no meat slicer besides your hand. There – “how to slice meat thin without a slicer?“.In this situation, you have to use some unique technique to slice your typical or frozen meat block.

How to slice meat thin without a slicer:

If you cut or slice frozen meat before on your hand-You, obviously know how difficult as well as risky a job is. sometimes a sharp knife may fail to dig into the frozen meat block. If you make force on that meat, your knife or tools may bounce, which is very risky. Therefore, you have to use special tools to slice frozen meat without a slicer.

How to Slice Frozen Meat:

A durable and robust butcher’s knife made of heavy-duty steel would be Your primary weapon to slice your frozen meat chunk. With the average kitchen, it will not be possible. Because you can’t dig more in-depth with a usual knife as frozen meat is very hard.

Sometimes, the meat seems harder than your thought. At that time, you have to put the chunk of cold beef in your washbasin and ringe water on it.this will soften your meat and make your job easier.

A durable Knife with Serrated Blades or edges could be beneficial for slicing cold meat. It can quickly go through in a frozen meat chunk.

In the above both cases ( frozen meat & regular raw meat), a problem will arise when you have to cut the bones . in that case, you need to use a sterilized hacksaw machine unless you have to cut that on your own.

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Why a Wooden Cutting Board is necessary:

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A cutting board, made of wood, will help you handle the meat ( frozen or regular) precisely and create the slice Thinly Without a Slicer. It prevents slipping and ensures that the meat doesn’t move unnecessarily while on work. Here wood is preferable rather than rubber, plastic, or other material.

how to slice raw meats:

If you want to slice your raw meat without using a meat slicer, you should be tricky. A sharpened knife, a wooden cutting board, and your skills will help you in this can use your hand gloves or not- it’s your wish, but your hand should not be have to alert about the sharpness of the knife, because a rusty or dull blade can make your cutting time miserable. It could be risky also.

Place your piece of meat on a wooden cutting board and make sure that you are slicing that in the right shape. Depending on the type of meat, The shape and cutting direction could be different.

how to slice cooked meat thin without a slicer:

Thinly slicing for cooked meats are basically as same as it does for raw meats, which we discussed above.
but here your hand and tools should be very clean and hygienic.
after cooking the meats if you want to slice that, wait for some minutes. In the meantime, the meat preserves its juiciness and the temperature remains down. Now you can do your job peacefully.

Important tips for slice meat thin without a slicer:

  • While using a knife, you have to very careful about your hands. It would be best if you kept your hands dry and harsh, not slippy. Unless you can cause harm to you.
  • Check the sharpness of your knife before using that. Wipe and clean your blade after use for the future.
  • Make sure your working area and your chopping board, have been placed on a flat base.
  • While slicing the flat portion and the bone, be careful twice. Take care of your eyes while chopping the bone.

faq’s for slice meat thin without a slicer: long to freeze meat before slicing?

atleast 15 to 20 minutes

Final Verdict:

If you be careful enough about your safety and while doing work You can use a Cut-proof glove, Your job will be easier and safe. however, for regular usage, you should buy a good quality slicer for your kitchen.


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