How To Make Fertilizer From Kitchen Waste

How To Make Fertilizer From Kitchen Waste [5 Easy Steps]

Kitchen wastes are something that can pollute our environment to a great extent. Moreover, kitchen wastes that are disposed of in landfills can contribute a lot to the overall climate change by releasing harmful greenhouse gas. But, do you know, kitchen waste can be converted into fertilizer? If you don’t know how to make fertilizer from kitchen waste? I am here today to tell you about this.

What is Kitchen Waste?

Kitchen waste is some kind of household waste that is produced in the kitchen of ordinary people. Let me clarify it for you further. There are several elements in kitchen waste. For example, waste from fruits and vegetables, waste from leftover foods, or even waste from meat or fish leftovers. Everything is commonly known as kitchen waste.

The kitchen of food waste is typically generated from ordinary households, different institutions, or the kitchen of restaurants. If these wastes are not disposed of in the right place, they can pollute our environment to a great extent. That is why these wastes should be properly removed or recycled so that we can get a healthy environment.

If kitchen waste is disposed of in landfills, it can produce methane, which is a harmful greenhouse gas. This gas can contribute a lot to long-term climate change. So, it is important to recycle these wastes productively. One possible way is converting them into effective organic fertilizers.

Trust me; organic fertilizers that are made from the kitchen or food waste are so much more nutritious for the plants which can contribute a great portion to the agricultural sector.

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How To Make Fertilizer From Kitchen Waste:

Converting kitchen waste into effective organic fertilizer is not rocket science. You can easily do it by following some easy steps. However, you should follow the steps correctly to get the best result. Below I will discuss all of the steps to make fertilizer from your kitchen waste.

Step 1: Composting

Composting is the very first step of this fertilizer-making process. First of all, get a compost bin and place it in your yard such that it can get enough sunlight. Then, add your kitchen and food waste to the compost bin. You must add water to your compost bin regularly to keep the waste wet, but make sure that they are not soaked in the water.

The entire composting process may take 2 to 6 months. If you don’t have any prior idea of compost, it will be dark and rich soil with an earthy smell. It will reduce odor and pathogens from the soil.

Step 2: Crushing

When it comes to kitchen waste, there are different types of waste like fruits or vegetables. That is why it is important to crush them after composting so that they can turn into small particles. You can use a good quality raw material crusher machine to get the job done.

Step 3: Granulation

After turning the compost into small and tiny particles, you must get ready for the next important step which is called the granulation process. You must send the crushed composed particles into a granulator.

There is no denying the importance of granulation. That is why you must choose a good quality granulator to get the job done. Mixing, disinfection, and granulation are done in the granulator.

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Step 4: Drying and Cooling

The next step of this organic fertilizer-making process is the drying and cooling procedure which can be done at the same time. The granulation process makes the fertilizer granules hot and moist. That is why the granules must remove their content to a particular percentage.

You can go for a good-quality fertilizer drier to complete this step. Besides, a good quality cooler can be used to reduce heat from the fertilizer granules. To make quality organic fertilizer, the drying and cooling process should be done properly.

Step 5: Screening

If you complete the drying and cooling steps successfully, your fertilizer is already ready for use. However, there is another important step left which is called screening. Yes, without any doubt, you should screen the fertilizer granules carefully so that you can filter out defective fertilizer granules.

How To Make Fertilizer From Kitchen Waste
Kitchen Waste /

Final Words :

Organic fertilizers are so much nutritious for plants and these are contributing a lot to the overall agricultural sector. It is a great thing that we can turn our kitchen waste into valuable organic fertilizer. I hope, this article has helped you to know how to make fertilizer from kitchen waste in the right way.

Although the process is not that complex, still you must follow the instructions with utmost care. Specifically, the composting process is very important. Because, if you do anything wrong in that step or the composting goes wrong by any means, the quality of your fertilizer will not be good.

With that said, every step of this entire fertilizer-making procedure is important. So, to get the best possible result you should follow the instructions carefully.

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