How To Get Rid of Mice In Kitchen Cabinets

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Do you know that a healthy mouse can transmit at least 20 different germs to the human body without any illness! Apart from carrying these germs, You cannot overlook the suffering of mice & tiny ants. These bugs can spoil your home as well as the kitchen. That is good at cutting your clothes, books and other things. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of mice in kitchen cabinets?

Since ancient times, people have been using various methods to protect themselves from rats and cockroaches. But in many cases, rats cannot be eliminated with it. The way to get rid of it is not so easy. This animal can not be controlled one day with rat poison, traps, etc.

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Even if rat poison is given, it does not work very often. In addition, it is not safe to give poison because many people have children at home.
This small animal is also proficient in rapid reproduction! A female mouse gives birth to at least 12 cubs four times a year. That means multiplying the number of female rats in the house by 12 at the end of the year. Think once!
here are some easy ways to get rid of mice in kitchen cabinets with home remedies-

a mouse can usually be controlled in two ways:

the  natural way to get rid of mice in the kitchen:

Menthol oil (peppermint oil):

Menthol is very useful to eliminate mice. If you want to get rid of the mouse naturally, you can dip a cotton ball in peppermint oil and put it near their hole. Rats cannot tolerate the smell of mint leaves, and menthol oil is also beneficial.

If there is no peppermint oil in the house, boil the mint leaves with olive oil and use it cold. The mouse can’t tolerate these smells at all. The smell of mint causes the mouse lungs to shrink and die.

Soak a piece of cotton in menthol oil and leave it in a place where the passing is more. the mouse will be gone, and the sweet smell of these oils will fill the house!

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Destroy the mouse home:

The mouse usually likes to live in a little dark place. This place can be on your closet floor, kitchen, or garage. For this, keep the areas where mice can stay clean. Close the rat hole on the bottom of the cupboard. Carry out ‘cleaning campaigns’ once a week in almost unused areas of the kitchen.

Close the holes in the kitchen:

Keep your house clean regularly. Yet the nuisance of mice. What to do then? Every home has holes for drainage or various reasons. It is through these holes that physically very flexible animals enter the house.

Also, a mouse can enter through the doors and windows of one-story or two-story houses. If possible, enclose the windows of garages or rented rooms with fine iron mesh. Also, do not leave the door open for a long time in an unused condition so that rats cannot enter.

Keep the kitchen clean:

Keep the kitchen clean
Keep Your kitchen clean( image:

Food thrown away in the kitchen is one of the means of filling rats’ stomachs. For this, keep the kitchen clean at all times. Clean the dishes regularly. Do not leave open food. Use a trash can made of iron or wire in your kitchen. The basket should have a tight lid. Remember, rats will not come to your house if they don’t find any food here.

Do not leave excess food on the dining table:

Never leave the rest of the food on the table. Rats eat mainly at night, so it is mandatory to clean the dining table at night.

Do not leave excess food on the dining table
Do not leave excess food on the dining table (image:

Use of red pepper:

A mouse can’t tolerate the rep pepper smell at all. That cannot breathe if the scent of black pepper enters the lungs. And that’s why they died so quickly. Sprinkle pepper powder on all the places where you think rat infestation is high or where rats live. You can easily find a way to exterminate rats.

Use of bay leaves:How To Get Rid of Mice In Kitchen Cabinets 1

Bay leaves are a very available spice that is present in everyone’s home. You can also use this to avoid the mouse. Rats consider bay leaves as their food. But after eating bay leaves, they cannot digest it at all. Spread bay leaf powder on the infested areas, and you will get rid of the problem in a few days.

Uses of onions:

Onion can also play a significant role in protecting your kitchen from the mouse. The mouse can’t also digest the ingredients of onion ingredients. But rats comfortably sit down with onion bites. Put onion pieces in all the places where you think there are rats. In a few days, you will not see rats in the house.

Some extra tips :

  • Slice garlic and soak it in water. Now spread the mixer around the rat’s house. Rats will not come.
  • The smell and taste of clove are also very uncomfortable for rats. Wrap some whole cloves in a cloth and leave it in the corner of the room. Rats run away!
  • Put naphthalene in the folds of the fabric. The rats will go away.
  • Mix 2 cups of ammonia with 100 ml of water and two teaspoons of detergent powder. Leave the mixture where the presence of rats can be seen.
  • You can sprinkle talcum powder or baby powder around the rat house. Get rid of rats.
  • Sprinkling baking soda around the rat’s house and in the corner of the house will get rid of the rat.

Chemical suppression methods :

Acute poison:

Rats die as soon as they eat acute poison. Acute poisoning is zinc phosphide. Some of the disadvantages of using acute venom are that the venomous rat made by zinc phosphide is tested in small amounts in the mouth before eating moderate amounts and gets sick but does not die.

Chronic poison:

Chronic poison does not kill rats with ingestion, and it takes 5 to 13 days for rats to die. The rats’ ability to coagulate gradually decreases after the ingestion of poisonous rats made with long-lasting venom, resulting in blood coming out of the rat’s nose and mouth and progressively weakening and the rats die within 5-13 days. It is possible to kill many rats by applying chronic poison. 90-100 percent of rats will die (very useful).

Applying poison vapor to the rat hole also kills the rat. Namely- Cyanogas, Fostoxin tablets.


Rat poison is very deadly. You should refrain from eating and drinking while applying poison. At the end of the work, hands, face and exposed parts of the body should be washed well. Transporting or storing rat venom with human or animal food and empty packets of venom cannot be used for other purposes.

What you do if a rat bites?

Only victims know what it is like to be bitten by a rat. Rats carry and spread the germs of more than 20 diseases. These include plague, aerosis, dermatitis, worm disease, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, typhoid, jaundice, and rabies. You can do the following steps if a rat bites you-

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  • Bleeding must be stopped first.
  • Wash the affected area with clean hot water and soap.
  • Press for a few minutes with a clean cloth, gauze bandage to stop the bleeding.
  • Clean the bite area well with antiseptic or peroxide.
  • Take good care while cleaning, unless it will cause septic.
  • Antibiotics should be taken to avoid secondary infections.

Now the question is, whether to take the rabies vaccine or not?
Rats do not usually spread rabies, according to an American-based study. However, if the rats are wild and not home-borne, might carry the rabies virus, they must be vaccinated against rabies.


Nature gives us different ways to solve each fundamental problem. Similarly, the natural remedies for getting rid of mice in kitchen cabinets are keeping cats. Studies have shown that the house where cats or dogs live has less rat infestation.

However, Pesticides can be used to get rid of rats, but these contain a variety of chemicals. As a result, regular use kills insects, but your purpose can be detrimental to your health.

Melissa B. OneilUX/UI Designer at - Adobe

Melissa is a mom and cooking fanatic. She enjoys trying various recipes and always searches for the latest appliances to make her kitchen modern. She is sharing innovative ideas to help you decorate your kitchen and feel great when you're cooking.

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