what color flooring go with dark kitchen cabinets

today we will discuss what color flooring go with dark kitchen cabinets. Suppose you are upgrading your kitchen’s look or building a new one. The essential decor aspect is considered to be the combination of cabinets and the color of the flooring.

It is an established thought that kitchens should have lighter and warm colors. Yet, dark kitchen interiors are also trendy in the present times.

Dark kitchen cabinets are a staple for modern kitchen decor. You will be surprised to see how dark cabinets can make your kitchen look eye-catching. For a beautiful finishing and sophisticated look, flooring color should be chosen wisely. Here we will discuss the ins and outs of what color flooring you should choose with dark kitchen cabinets.

what color flooring go with dark kitchen cabinets nowadays:

The material of flooring:

Material plays a vital role in determining the color of flooring because every color is not available in every element. Glossy material is more likely to reflect light. On the other hand, matte material gives your kitchen a refined look.

Some of the most common materials are wood, vinyl, ceramic tiles, concrete, linoleum, etc. A wooden floor is suitable for a subtle and rustic look. Although it doesn’t leave many color options, Vinyl flooring is a very budget-friendly and durable option. Except for wood, all the other materials have a good range of colors.

Size of the kitchen:

A small kitchen with dark cabinets will look claustrophobic if the flooring is dark. The nook and corner of a small kitchen with dark flooring may be neglected in terms of cleaning. If the lighting is moderate, it is more likely to get absorbed in the whole dark interior and carpeting.

As a result, you will be left with a kitchen that looks dull and boring. Therefore, flooring with a lighter shade and glossy finish can add life to your kitchen. The dark cabinets will also pop up.

Another thing you can do is choose flooring with a similar undertone of your dark cabinets. It is basically like playing on the safer side. The same whisper of floor and cabinets brings a uniform finish. On the other hand, a lot of experiments can be done with a spacious kitchen.

Dark cabinets and dark flooring can bring a monotonous look in the kitchen since the whole interior gets blended. In this case, you can use other contrast shades in the kitchen top and the wall.

Lighting and theme of the kitchen:

Your entire kitchen decor depends on good lighting and the ambiance it gives out. Suppose your kitchen receives plenty of natural light. You can go for a wooden floor with dark cabinets.

Again, if you use too much dark shade on your kitchen floor and cabinet, you can install artificial lighting to give your kitchen a sophisticated look. In the case of an open kitchen, the excessive use of dark colors won’t suit. So you can add a pop of lighting or just bright flooring since the cabinets are dark.


Now you probably know what color flooring go with dark kitchen cabinets. You may also be known about all the flooring options you’ve got with your dark kitchen cabinets. The way you combine the colors of your floor and cabinets is undoubtedly essential. But it would help if you also focused on the quality of your flooring.

No flooring option is perfect unless it is durable. Make sure you spend your money on the kind of flooring which stands out as well as lasts for a more extended period.

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