best olive wood cooking utensils ( the editors choice)

best olive wood cooking utensils:

Olive wood comes from an olive tree. It has a beautiful grain and a silky touch that makes it very pleasant. it is long-lasting and has a certain flexibility. In addition, its drying is not excessively long, so it can be used to make even ax and hoe handles.

An olive wood-made cooking utensil is easily maintained by washing it by hand with mild liquid soap and warm water. A thin coat of food-grade oil or olive oil is the best option to maintain it. This will keep your olive wood utensil in great condition and bring out its natural color and grain.

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best olive wood cooking utensils:

Tramonto Olive Wood Utensil Set:

Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Set 5 Piece Spatula and...


  • 5 Piece unique and hand made Spatula and Spoon.
  • Flat spatula, curved spatula, slotted spatula, spoon, and corner spoon.
  • 12 Inch Luxury Kitchen set with Gift Box.
  • Each kitchen utensil is 12 inches long and handcrafted from a single piece of genuine olive wood.
  • Each French-inspired utensil is hand-carved from a single piece of olive wood.

olive wood cooking spoon:

Scanwood Olive Wood Cooking Spoon Set:

Scanwood Olive Wood Cooking Spoon Set 10' 12' 14'
  • The Spoon Set 10″ 12″ 14″.
  • One-piece durable hardwood that will not scratch the cookware surface.
  • Ideal for scraping, stirring, and tasting, and elegant enough for serving.
  • designed by Scanwood Denmark, founded in 1919.
  • Handcrafted from Italian olive wood.

olive wood bowl uses:

Olive wood handmade bowl with spoon & fork:

  • Made of quality Greek natural solid olive wood.
  • This serving set consists of 1 olive wood round bowl, 1 wide spoon, and 1 wide fork.
  • Easy to use, highly durable, and practical.
  • A healthier choice from other woods, silicon, or plastic products.
  • Also available with olive wood narrow fork & spoon.

olive wood spatula:

Eddington Olive Wood Wide Spatula:

  • Eddington’s Spatula can be used for food preparation, cooking, baking, and serving.
  • Made in Europe from durable and finest Italian Olivewood.
  • This Spatula is also fit for mixing, stirring, dividing, tasting, turning, and serving of food.
  • This can perfectly wipe up everything from a snack.
  • Its wider blade provides more surface for handling larger portions.
  • will not scratch surfaces and is safe for nonstick cookware.
  • the shape of the spatula makes it very useful. The sides have a slight curve to them that fits the sides of the pan perfectly.
  • It’s also very lightweight and quite sturdy.
  • the edges of the handle are sharply squared off instead of being rounded and smooth.


  • sometimes the edges around the holes in the spatula are very harsh. There are lots of small splinters of wood coming off.
  • It is a nice-looking product, but pretty flimsy. It should be thicker a little more.

olive wood utensil holder:

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olive wood cookbook stand:

wishacc Bamboo Book Stand Reading Rest Holder Cookbook...
  • Made of high quality bamboo, stable and sturdy
  • Adjustable to five different angle,conveniently set the angle for keeping the correct...
  • Multi-function bamboo bookstand, ideal for support different size and style books, Tablet,...

olive wood ladle:

BeldiNest Olive Wood Ladle| Wooden Kitchen Ladle,...
  • Hand Carved Large Large Soup Ladle From a Solid Piece of Olive Wood with a Unique Grain
  • Light wipe with olive oil to restore the wood to its original luster
  • Made out of mediterranean olive wood

olive wood cutting board:

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handmade olive wood cutting board:

(D) Berard Round French Olive Wood Cutting Board,...
  • Dimensions: 9 Inches
  • Material type: Handcrafted Out of Single Piece of Olive Wood
  • You Can Slice And Serve Your Favorite Fruits, Cheeses, And Vegetables On This Beautiful...

olive wood utensils care:

Is olive wood good for utensils?

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Why is olive wood so expensive?

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Why is the olive tree important in the Bible?

can you use vegetable oil (olive oil) on wood?

Of course, You can! Here are some ways to clean household items with olive oil:

To gloss the wood surface: If the wooden table of your choice has lost its luster, mix one tablespoon of olive oil with one tablespoon of white vinegar. Wipe the table round with a warm cloth.

To clean the iron pan: Baking soda is mixed with white vinegar to clean the cast iron pan. Sprinkle a little sea salt with olive oil to clean the pot. Rub the pot well, clean it, and wipe it with a dry cloth.

To restore the glace of the cane furniture: The cane furniture loses its luster on time. To clean it, dip a cloth in olive oil and clean with it. This will bring back the brightness of the furniture.


Olive wood will last a lifetime if it is properly looked after. Olive wood cooking utensils do not require special care. You should only give a thin layer of oil from time to time to maintain its color.

For daily maintenance, simply hand wash after use and tumble dry upright to dry excess water. besides this, you should take care of the safety and cleanliness of the kitchen for your and your family’s health.

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