best manual spice grinder

7 best manual spice grinder

Nowadays, after the corona period, every health-conscious person will love their homemade food. A homemade food remains to fulfill when You use your spices in that. Processing, grinding, and creating your spices and herbs can bring the finishing touch. Only the best manual spice grinder can fulfill these purposes.

When you create spices with your hand, if anything is missing in your food, you can easily understand that.
Finally, readymade food contains various unknown spices, which sometimes may be outdated. If you want to prepare your herbs and spices on your own, you need some tools and instruments. These top-rated and best manual spice grinders will step up your chef’s game.

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7 best manual spice grinder:

1.OXO Good Grips Radial Pepper Grinder:


Special features:

  • It has a large mouth for filling the mill, and it holds a very generous amount of pepper. Hold a lot of pepper. Additionally, it has a bottom cap that keeps the pepper from ending up everywhere.
  • If small spices, like coriander, you’ll need to keep the grind beautiful enough, so they don’t fall through.
  • It’s sturdy, and looks like plastic, but is not plastic. It IS ceramic. It acts as like a metal mechanism, and you can use them for salt. So when you are using it over a pot of boiling soup, the steam will not harm the ceramic body.
  • A long turning arm with a comfortable, nonslip handle is accurate for holding. It contains an oversized knob, which is easy to grip.


  • The pepper mill takes some strength to grind the pepper.
  • If it has an indicator points to calculate more precisely, that will be great.

2.COLE & MASON Derwent Salt Grinder:

Special features:

  • Design: It brings a modern style to the dining table with stylish stainless-steel finish will look cool on any kitchen table.
  • Easy to control: That uses premium diamond-cut ceramic millworks on it to bring user-friendly spice control.
  • The Lifetime Mechanism: The Derwent salt grinding mechanism is also guaranteed for life.
  • The Easily To Refill: The clear acrylic body highlights the spice’s level and is easy to refill.


It has a high gear ratio, so it’s effortless to turn, but it takes forever to get a sufficient quantity. You cant produce quantities of ground pepper for more than a single serving.

3.OXO 1140700 Good Grips Pepper Grinder:

Special features:

  • Handsome look: Designed with stainless-steel accents give the Grinders kitchen-to-table appeal. Thus you can feel great for preparing and serving meals.
  • Easy to use: It has a soft, non-slip grip for comfortable grinding.


  • In some cases, ceramic burrs aren’t very durable.
  • the grinder just didn’t produce very much grind.
  • Easy to use, but the smallest grind is way too large.

4. OXO 1 Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder:

special features:

  • easy rotation: it twists easily and efficiently from the bottom with its large rubber grip. no more slipping or turning back.
  • free from odors: its non-corrosive ceramic grinders won’t absorb flavors or odors.
  • good mechanism: with 4 turns it keeps everything safe inside, even from humidity.
  • easy to operate: the clear acrylic bodies highlight spices. that allows us to see how much is left inside and soft rubber-feeling plastic on the bottom to grind.
  • very good for salt: it grinds himilayan salt to fine dust or coarser texture. almost refined salt size, which is very good for a barbecue.


  • sometimes it gives inconsistent grind for salt,
  • the controls to regulate the grind are not very good.

5. Bekith Mortar And Pestle Sets 18/8 Brushed Stainless Steel:

Special Features:

  • stainless steel construction – food grade stainless steel, no mercury, no residual taste, durable and rustproof, and low maintenance.
  • strong base & press – heavy-duty pestle press with non-skid base.
  • easy to clean – just rinse thoroughly in the washbasin to prepare it for the next use.
  • multipurpose usage – you can use it for medical pills herbs and spices.


  • it is plastic-coated with steel and it doesn’t work nearly as well as the marble pestle.
  • slick surfaces are not useful for mashing food, like avocados for guacamole.

6. Sagler Mortar And Pestle Set Marble Grey:

Special features:

  • easy to operate: easy to clean, hand washing recommended, the mortar bowl and pestle work together to grind and break down ingredients quickly to help speed up food preparation.
  • durable: this set is a lot heavier than expected. it is made from beautiful marble and can hold up to 3 ounces.
  • different usage: it can grind or mash fresh ingredients, like cloves of garlic, herbs and spices, peppercorns or cinnamon, nuts, grains, and seeds, and even herbal and homeopathic remedies. you can use it as a pill crusher to pulverize harder-to-swallow pills!


  • difficult to pour: the thick lip of sagler mortar makes it challenging to pour its contents into a jar or glass when the grinding is up.
  • rough interior finish: sometimes, the mortar’s interior finish remains rough and would trap the material after it was crushed.

7. DCOU Hand Cranked Premium Grinder:

Special Features:

  • premium design: sharp teeth,49 specially designed teeth for grinding,32 precisely placed grinding holes, and the mesh screen filter make it unique from other products. great for grinding your herbal tea.
  • lifetime manufacturer’s warranty: they are offering a 100% money-back or replacement guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason!
  • durable handle: best handle herb grinder on the market. grinds 2 times as much. top cover clicks shut with a built-in earth magnet.
  • enjoy the pleasures: grinding by hand, your herbs, teas, and spices in this expensive machine are a great way to enjoy happiness.


  • hard to learn: without proper instructions, understanding its operation and usage is a little bit tough.
  • durability: the dcou hand grinder machine looks like metal, but it’s cheap plastic.
best manual spice grinder
manual spice grinder from

final word:

We have researched here for dozens of different choices while researching the best spice grinders. The grinders included in our guide are highly rated by users and editors alike because of their ease of use, consistent performance, and longevity. You can see our other article if you want to know more.

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