Best Induction Cookware Converter Disc

7 Best Induction Cookware Converter Disc [With Buyer’s Guide]

Cooking can be a passion for you, but it is not possible to use your favorite cooktop. You might already have a few non-induction cookwares, but you should not use them on the induction stove. To get rid of this problem, the Best Induction Cookware Converter Disc can be an ideal solution.

These induction converter discs are a great help to you. A converter disc will enable non-induction cooking utensils to work with induction cooktops or stoves. Magnetic stainless steels are used to make the disc that converts energy into heat by absorbing magnetic waves derived from the induction cooktop.

The electromagnetic technology of it will apply magnetic current to the disc, and later the disc will pass the heat evenly all over the pot or the pan that you are using.

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7 Best Induction Cookware Converter Discs Reviews:

The converter disc is best to use when you own some induction-incompatible cooking utensils. Otherwise, induction stoves can be damaged by getting in touch with super-hot discs. It is a matter of losing too much efficiency also. Let’s keep aside the discussion and take a look at the reviews of the best induction cooktop converter discs.

1.Gourima Induction Cooker Diffuser Plate :

It is time to upgrade your cooking process, and the Gourima GPH5930 Induction cooker is allowing you to turn any ordinary pan into an induction pan. You do not need to find any other cooking appliance. Just place it under any pot, and your cooking will be done correctly.

This cookware has the power to control the heat of the food. While cooking, the originated heat will be evenly distributed all over the pan so that every corner of it receives the specific heat. Therefore, you will never face any sort of overcooking or burning in any part of the food.

When cooking, there is no chance of developing any airborne material or any kind of metal burning smell. While making the plates, cautions have been properly taken, and there is no extra material used that may hamper the cooker’s diffuser’s solidness.

You may know that induction cookers save gas and energy. So, by bringing GPH9530, it will be a money-saving option for you. Using the same amount of gas, you will be able to cook more food in less time. One cooker will be enough to do all the cooking and will not let you buy pan after pan.

aluminum and stainless steel combined construction.using a very high-heat is not recommended.
it can be used with any pan or pot.
energy saver feature enabled.
lightweight design but stays for longer.
safety setting equipped for use with ease.

2.Max Burton  Induction Interface Disc:

If you have the habit of cooking in an induction cooker, your cooking will be much more comfortable bringing in the Max Burton induction interface disc. Use this disc underneath, and you are allowed to pick any cookware of your choice. It enables non-induction cookware to be used on the induction surface.

You can stay worry-free about its size as this 8 X 15 X ½ inches disc will easily fit on any induction surface. No matter how large your non-induction cookware is, the disc will spread the heat evenly to every corner of the cookware.

Cookware yellowing is a common problem while cooking at a higher degree. But this induction cooktop converter disc will never turn yellow, no matter what temperature you are cooking. The heat will be properly distributed to every corner of your cooking item. This disc is a complete solution for all kinds of cooking.

It is made of stainless steel which leaves no question regarding its durability. It is not a fact how long you are cooking; the heat-proof handle always confirms a secure and comfortable grip. This thin and heavy cookware will be a perfect addition to your cooking accessories.


  • An ideal-size induction interface disc.
  • Designed to be used on a built-in induction cooktop.
  • More durable steel construction promotes faster cooking.
  • Handle structure for a comfy grip.
  • Easy to operate and clean disc converter.


  • Yellowing of disk may be found after longer usage.

3.VonShef Heat Diffuser Simmer Ring Plate 9”:

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This heat diffuser is a perfect appliance to improve your cooking process as well as the taste of your meal. This 9-inch plate will perfectly suit any induction cooktop. You can use any pot and pan for cooking with the help of this diffuser. It will also save you from unnecessary costs.

Stainless steel and aluminum have been used in their construction to support all three layers. The top and bottom layers have been covered with stainless steel, while aluminum is there for the middle part to give it protection. The stainless-steel surface will absorb all the heat and will ensure proper distribution.

It does not differ whether you have an induction cooktop or a gas cooker. This appliance is suitable for both. It is entirely stable, and for stabilizing the stove, it works as a great assistant. By maintaining a low temperature, you can cook oats, caramel, rice, and delicious cooking.

The quality of your cooking will be top-notch, as all the areas of the ingredients will receive the exact amount of heat. It has a handle that is heat-free and will give no chance to burn your hand. For a great deal of natural cooking, the VonShef heat diffuser could be a perfect appliance.


  • An affordable induction cookware converter disc.
  • 3 layers of aluminum and stronger steel used.
  • Aids to avoid overheating the ingredients.
  • It can be used on a gas stove as well.
  • A good alternative to gas hob trivet stabilizer.


  • A few people complain about the durability issue.

4.Frabosk 8 3/4” Induction Heat Diffuser Plate:

This induction heat diffuser plate is a quality product of Frabosk. It works as a perfect induction stove so that there is no reason to discard your non-induction cookware or stovetop. Without any headache, you can use any appliance you like; it does not matter whether it is induction.

If rightly said, this is an adaptor that allows you to go for your regular creamers, saucepans, and pots. Even when the stove is off, this plate will keep your food warm for more than ten minutes. So, if you want to serve the meal after a while of cooking, it will be no issue.

There are two sizes available, but the large one who is eight ¾”, is the best to prepare your meal. Using this plate, you can cook anything, and heat from the stove will be distributed all over the surface properly. There are handles on both sides of it so that you can safely remove the diffuser plate.

As it is a heat diffuser, it distributes and lowers the heat to allow proper heating for the preparation of the food. This high-quality stainless steel product can be used on any stove like induction, glass, electric, and gas. Small pan or large cookware, Frabosk heat diffuser is a quality kitchen tool for all.


  • Most types of non-induction cookware can be used.
  • Quality materials distribute heat evenly.
  • Keeps food warmer even after stopping the plate.
  • Heat-resistant removable handle.
  • Cleaning can be performed effortlessly.


  • The heat transfer might be a little bit slow.

5.Ilsa A1200121 Paderno World Cuisine, 8 ¼” Induction Adapter:

The Ilsa A1200121 Paderno induction adapter is built with durable materials. It is one of the best induction converter discs. It has a satisfying finish with a couple of layers of stainless steel and aluminum. You can cook over any induction cooktop with the help of any ordinary cookware. There is no need for any investment to buy several pots and pans.

As a heat diffuser, this appliance provides a complete solution to cooking. No matter how high the heat is, this diffuser will reduce the heat and will bring it down to a stable position. Moreover, it distributes the heat properly to the plate all over so that each corner of the food receives the same amount of temperature that is required for the right cooking.

You must not like to stay beside the stove all the time to heat the food before serving. In a buffet or a large gathering, this plate is handy to retain the heat for a more extended period.

With this induction adapter, you will receive a stainless-steel handle to save your hand from burning. As it is detachable, you can take it off after using it or whenever you want. For easy cleanup, you can use a dishwasher to clean it.


  • A Tri-Ply of steel and aluminum combination used.
  • Works as a universal heat distributor.
  • Best for warming plates, bakers, and platters.
  • Detachable steel handle designed for safe grip.
  • Dishwasher safe disc for easy clean-up.


  • Relatively expensive, comparing the quality.

6.Artestia 7-1/4” or 9-1/4” Induction Heat Diffuser:

This one is the most stylish heat diffuser on the list here. Aluminum and stainless steel have been used to give it a solid body and perfect finish. There are two sizes available to pick from, and you can choose any according to the need of your kitchen.

In any induction surface, this appliance works as a great assistant as it allows you to complete any non-induction cooking. So, it is a money-saving opportunity if you bring this handy appliance to cut the necessity of buying any other pan. But you have to consider that this appliance is useful for the induction cooktop only; gas, electricity, or any other medium is not appropriate for it.

Quiet cooking is a guarantee with this heat diffuser. It distributes the heat evenly so that all the cooking area receives the same temperature. As said before, it is a stainless-steel and aluminum-made appliance that confirms its durability.

It will never face overheating because of the three little lumps on the lower part of it. As cleaning is essential after every use, you can just wash it with water and soap to make a proper cleanup.


  • Elegant design and highly-efficient appliances.
  • Different-sized induction converter discs.
  • Fast and even heat distribution with innovative design.
  • 3 little lumps prevent overcooking.
  • Easy wash with water and soap, trouble-free maintenance.


  • larger pots may not be ideal to be used on it.

7. Concord Induction Disc Stainless Steel Plate (7.5”):

This 7.5″ induction disc is an excellent add-on for your kitchen and any induction cookers. It has a simple design with the ability to provide quality service for a long time. The stainless body has given it complete durability, while the even heat distribution will make the cooking perfect and better every time.

Because of the thin and dull body, this plate is easy to carry. So, you can use it more than kitchen purpose, outdoor cooking such as grilling or at any stove, it will work to absorb the heat every time. Moreover, it will keep and deliver the heat for a specific time even after closing the stove.

You will indeed hear some noise while heating it, but it is a usual character for induction discs. The satisfying part is the handle of it, which is heat-free, and there is no need to use any glove or kitchen towel to hold the handle.

It features a quality heat distribution process. All your cooking material will get proper heat during the whole cooking period. You do not need to worry about buying any pans; this disc is perfect for any kind of cooking.


  • A compact and handy appliance.
  • Heavy-grade durable construction.
  • Heat-protective handles for easy transport.
  • Choose from 3 different sizes.
  • Washable easily within a short time.


  • the disc might leave dark spots on the stovetop.

Things To Consider When Buying Induction Cookware Converter Disc:

the primary preference that an induction-ready cooktop can provide is that it eliminates the necessity of induction-ready cookware. almost all the converter discs are the same, but before buying one, you should consider a few things to obtain more significant results.

(A) Heat Distribution:

the first feature of an induction converter disc is its heat distribution capability. using a regular pan or cookware will provide the center point’s heat while the edges receive a little heat only.

a quality converter disc distributes the heat all over the plate. as a result, every side of the food received the heat correctly and made your food tastier. there will be no issues like overcooking or less cooking.

(B) Solidness:

solidness is always expected from a good induction converter disc. if there is any low-quality material used in it then it may cause burning and might develop a smell while cooking. so, you should make sure about the solidness of the converter disc you are going to buy.

(C) Build Material:

a reliable and effective build-in ensures the longevity of an induction cooktop converter disc. it does not matter whatever brand you are buying; it should be built-in quality stainless steel and aluminum. you must prioritize a three-layer made disc where the aluminum layer stays in the middle of both sides of stainless steel.


a converter disc with a handle is a plus point for the users. removable and non-removable handles, both kinds are available. it is up to you to choose one of these two options. moreover, the heat of the disc should not generate by the handle.

Best Induction Cookware Converter Disc
best induction cookware converter disc

Final Verdict:

while we are considering cooking as an art, using the newest cookware has become a trend to us, just like the best induction cookware converter disc that has made the cooking process simpler and easier than before. now you are allowed to do any cooking or heating job easily with the help of this handy cookware.

you can select gourima gph9530 as the best cookware converter disc that can fulfill all of your needs of using non-induction cookware. if you are looking for an affordable option, consider buying an artestia induction hob converter disc.

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