The Ugly Truth About 6 Best Exhaust Fan For Kitchen

Do you know that the air inside your kitchen can be quite polluted? Also, do you know that continually breathing this polluted air can cause you heart disease, and the grease in your kitchen can cause a fire?

Well, these scenarios are entirely right in our day-to-day life. Now, a question will arise in your mind, how you can get rid of such alarming problems? Right?

Do not worry because we have researched for you and are here to provide a solution. Using an exhaust fan is the most effective way to eliminate all these problems and promote a healthy lifestyle.

But there are many exhaust fans that you can buy right now but should you purchase anything without knowing about the product? Seems foolish, does it not?

Rest assured, because, in this article, we have gathered a list of the best exhaust fans for kitchens out there so that you do not get lost in the ocean while buying one yourself!

Best exhaust fan for kitchen: Our Picks

1.Broan Aluminum Exhaust Fan:

Broan-NuTone Elite 27.6-inch Custom Power Pack Range...

If you are looking for an exhaust fan that will not only keep the air of your kitchen clean but also enlighten the kitchen as well, this exhaust fan and light combo from Broan can be an excellent option for you.

The Broan fan and light combo feature easy installation, two levels of speed control, and the ability to install a light.

Key Features:


This exhaust fan and light combo can get rid of all the polluted air inside your kitchen while keeping it cool and getting rid of the grease with its aluminum filter.

It also gives you the option to choose the fans’ speed and gives you better control over the power consumption and noise.

You will also enjoy the added benefit of having a 40-watt light to enlighten your kitchen though you have to buy the light separately.


The Broan aluminum exhaust and light combo are versatile. It comes with a seven-inch round discharge that allows easy installation and gives you the ability to install it accordingly.


Equipped with a washable aluminum mesh filter, this exhaust fan and light combo capture the grease consistently and keep the cleaning process very easy.


The Broan exhaust fan and light combo come with a durable steel build with a rust coating that ensures better durability and enables you to easily clean and maintain it.

 The separate washable aluminum mesh filter can be washed and used for a long time, and along with all these, you will have a one-year warranty too.


  • Durable steel body.
  • Anti-rust coating.
  • Separate washable mesh filter.
  • Two levels of speed control.
  • Space for attaching the light.


  • It can be a bit costly.

2.iLIVING – 10″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan:

iLiving ILG8SF10V - 10' Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan -...

Looking to cut your cooling costs down but still have an overall solid exhaust fan for your kitchen?

If this is what you are looking for, the living-10 should be the best solution for resolving your problem.

The iLIVING-10 is a small and low-power-consuming exhaust fan that is quite powerful and also very versatile. It can control the moisture level, lower the heat, and keep the air clean all at the same time.

Key Features


The iLIVING – 10 features variable fan speed and moisture control to empower you with the ability to tweak the settings according to your needs.

Also, it is a small-sized and low-power-consuming exhaust fan that comes in eight different sizes, including eight different fan sizes. The motion balance aluminum propeller of this fan reduces the noise while it operates.

Though small in size and less power-consuming, the iLIVING-10 can efficiently clean the air around you and maintain the heat level.

Power Efficiency:

This wall-mount exhaust fan ensures cutting your monthly cooling costs down as it is a small and less power-consuming product.

You can use automatic settings, or you have the option to choose the fan settings manually for better efficiency.


Once you set up the exhaust fan, there is no need to further maintain this product in its lifetime.

The permanently pre-lubricated fans of the iLIVING-10 ensure easy maintenance. It also has aluminum shutters for better resistance to ever-changing weather and heat resistance that also helps in its supervision automatically.


Though you cannot clean and maintain it manually, this product is quite durable.

iLIVING-10 has a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame that provides excellent durability. This fan is resistant to corrosion.

You will also have aluminum shutters that prevent rusting and give better heat resistance.


  • Excellent power efficiency.
  • Serves multiple purposes.
  • Requires no maintenance after installation.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Rust-resistant.


  • Versatile but not incredibly best at anything.

3.iPower 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan:

iPower 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan Aluminum High Speed...

If you need an exhaust fan that is also good at maintaining your interior’s heat level, you can consider buying the iPower 12-inch shutter exhaust fan.

This fan has a high RPM, which can effectively keep the heat levels low while maintaining the air breathable.

Key Features


The iPower exhaust fan is a powerful but power-efficient exhaust fan that excels in removing excess dust, allergens, moisture, odors, and heat.

It has a rotating speed of 1620 RPM is quite good at getting rid of heat and functions as a smaller version of an air conditioner. This type of airflow is versatile and can be used in other places besides in your kitchen.

The installation process is straightforward, and there is no need for maintenance after you have installed it.


The installation procedure is pretty easy for this as it comes fully ready to be installed out of the box.

All the parts are pre-assembled and pre-lubricated, so all you need to do is take it out and mount it on the window opening or wall opening, or anywhere you see fit.


After the installation process, forget about any maintenance for the iPower 12-inch shutter exhaust fan.

This exhaust fan is made out of rust-resistant aluminum, comes permanently pre-lubricated for the rest of its life, and has exterior shutters to prevent any damage to the interior, saving you all the hassle for maintenance.


As you can not manually clean or maintain this wall-mounted exhaust fan, it is built while keeping durability in mind.

This fan is made out of rust-resistant aluminum and also has automatic exterior shutters to make sure the internals stay rust and heat resistant. The shutters also prevent mosquitoes from entering through the vent.


  • Can replace your air conditioner.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Automatic exterior shutters.
  • Extremely versatile for various places.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • No speed control available.

4.Cosmo 5U30:

COSMO 5U30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood with...

Do you have a small space for your kitchen, but do you still want top-notch exhaust for your kitchen? Look no further because the Cosmo 5U30 checks all the markers above.

Made with stainless steel, providing top-of-the-line air filtration, and equipped with two strong LED lights, the Cosmo 5U30 fits all of these in a slim and slick-looking design.

Key Features


The Cosmo 5U30 provides efficient airflow but maintains a low level of noise while operating.

This exhaust from Cosmo has three airflow levels that you can control using the buttons of the control panel.

Along with the excellent air supply, you also have the two inbuilt powerful and power-efficient LED lights.


This exhaust fan comes in a slick design that is both good-looking and requires less space.

Moreover, this slim design makes it easier to install your kitchen in tight spaces if you do not have enough space. You can also buy a carbon filter kit to turn it into a ductless one.

You will also get a 3-prong plug that will ease the entire installation process.

Air Filtration:

Cosmo 5U30 provides one of the best, if not the best, air filtration out there. It has a multilayer aluminum filter to get rid of all the grease in your kitchen.

From the foul odors and smokes to the harmful toxins and dust, the Cosmo 5U30 gets rid of everything and makes sure you breathe in the safest air.


Made with stainless steel, the Cosmo 5U30 is quite durable when it comes to the overall build.

As it is rust-resistant, you can clean it regularly and prolong its life. The multilayer aluminum filters are washable, and you can detach them for washing purposes. But do not take it anywhere near a dishwasher.


  • One of the best air filtrations.
  • Two powerful inbuilt lights.
  • Very quiet while operating.
  • Slim design for tight spaces.
  • Washable and durable.


  • Most expensive among all the exhausts on this list.

5.Hon & Guan 6 Inch Home Ventilation Fan:

Hon&Guan Kitchen Exhaust Fan Wall Vent Fan, 141 CFM 6''...

Do you have younglings in your home who love to throw liquids as sports into your exhaust fans? Are you tired of replacing your exhaust fans over and over again?

If this is what is stealing away your precious sleep, then we have good news for you.

The ventilation fan of Hon & Guan is an IP34-rated waterproof, dustproof, and UV ray-resistant exhaust fan that will get rid of your nightmares.

This fan provides an effective and efficient airflow rate while not making much noise and keeping the surroundings peaceful.

Key Features


Hon & Guan ventilation fan provides sufficient airflow but does not create much sound.

With the highest RPM of 2350, this ventilation fan is good at delivering high rates of air.

This type of airflow and low noise can be utilized for many other purposes, making it quite versatile.


We all have heard the term “plug and play.” right? Well, you can use this term for the Hong & Guan ventilation fan.

You can take it out of the box and plug it in, and it will immediately start doing work.

The installation process is straightforward as it is relatively small and comes pre-assembled, and all you need to do is attach it to your desired spot.


Do not get fooled by the high RPM rate because this ventilation fan is quite a power-efficient one.

It only requires 25 watts of power to operate, one of the lowest among all the exhaust fans out there.

The low power consumption is sure to save some of your bucks at the end of each month.


The Hon & Guan ventilation fan is made out of high-quality plastic. Though it is plastic-made, this ventilation fan is quite durable.

This fan is the only one in this list that is IP 34-rated waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to UV rays. It also has shutters to prevent mosquitoes and limit moisture.


  • One of the cheaper options.
  • Waterproof.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Quite a power-efficient fan.
  • Easy installation process.


  • Low resistant to heat

6.SAILFLO 6 Inch Window Exhaust Fan:

SAILFLO Exhaust Fan 6 Inch Window Exhaust Fan Bathroom...

If you are looking for an exhaust fan that can not only get rid of the toxic interior air but also can pull in the fresh outside air for an overall better experience, the SAILFLO exhaust fan can be the best option for you.

The exhaust fan from SAILFLO has a unique airflow that can rotate both ways to pull air inside and push away polluted interior air. This fan is also extremely durable and has extra protection for overheating issues.



The SAILFLO exhaust fan is unique when it comes to airflow.

This fan can pull air in both inwardly and outwardly, which means that it can get rid of the hot and toxic atmosphere of your room and bring in cold air from outside and lock it to provide a complete ventilation experience.


The installation process of this fan can be done, but it may require some time as it does not come pre-assembled.

Though you have to assemble it, the assembly is simple and can be done by following the necessary steps.

It comes with a 33-inch long power cord that makes it easy to provide power no matter where you attach it.

Overheat protection:

This exhaust fan comes with overheat protection and a temperature fuse that ensures excellent resistance to heat.

In case the interior gets extremely hot, this feature makes sure that your fan stays safe even in that condition.


The SAILFLO exhaust fan ensures you 9000 hours of continuous workload.

This exhaust fan is made using a high-quality aluminum pad, thermal fuse, and overheat protection to make sure it lasts for a long time.

They also provide parts replacement if any of your components get damaged during the delivery.


  • Two-way airflow.
  • Relatively low power consumption.
  • Over-heat protection
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Component replacement if damaged during delivery.


  • Low RPM speed.
Best exhaust fan for kitchen
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Final Words:

Now then, we have come to the end of our guide on the best exhaust fan for the kitchen. As you have come along, we hope that you got a suitable one according to your preference.

Have you got one? Then, why too late? Grab it as soon as you can, and let us know your choice by commenting below!

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